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The  Internet is like a spiders web, it  connects people with almost invisible  links.

realisations in her life, and  is a determined and devoted advocate  for environmental issues.  She too is  now  busy with University, and works hard.  It is through Kimberly that I made another friend of hers, Erica, a  French speaking Canadian, who converses easily in English.   Not  long after Christmas a  new  Veggie  group  started up, called Veggiebrits.  I was one of the  earliest members  as was Isabelle.   Isabelle was in fact the FIRST  internet friend that I met in real life. She is living in UK though she is multi lingual, Portugese, brought up in Paris and married a wonderful English man, Peter,  who speaks Welsh  fluently.   Isabelle  is  fluent in Portugese, French &  English, but also  can speak Spanish & I believe Italian! GOSH some people  are SO  BRAINY!   She and Peter  have  of course become  real personal friends and we have stayed at each others homes a  number of  times.

     About the same time as I  first got to know Isabelle.  I got to know Philly from Ohio  in the Stamp Addicts Group. In a way she was the one who made the group so lively by all the wonderful competitions she organised.  I was  lucky to be able to meet Philly after my trip to Arizona, as it was on the  way home.  Philly's next door neighbour, Dawn,  kindly put  me  up for  a couple  of nights, and it was good  to get to know Philly and her husband and her too  lovely children, also to meet Dawn. Who had that wonderful cat/bird duo.  They were great  friends.  See photo of  a Quaker Parrot  sitting next to a large white  cat.

     Also at about the same time I met a  number of  new friends in a  great group that Danielle  started, called  Mystical Dreamland.  A  good number of  my friends  also joined this group too, and it  became VERY  lively and  active  for  a long time. People like  Julie, Jela, & Heidi, all from USA, and Dave  from UK.   Of course people like Adam, Kim , Isabelle, Rachel, Karen &  Kenneth also  joined.   Basically it was a friendly discussion group, and members  talked about most things, and posted their own stories, poems etc.  One of the  basic rules was that though members would not agree on everything,  in disagreements one would  not  attack someone with a different point of view, or religion,  but respect other's  beliefs and views.   Another  good friend I made  was Monica  from The  Philippines. This  was through her interest in stamp collecting in Stamp Addicts, but  now posts interestingly in MD.   And another great friend is Maggie  from Hong Kong, also a stamp collector.

     In the autumn of 2002 I made  another little list of  people, of various  ages,  who are also very  good internet  friends. Mellissa  from Queensland, Sharon from the Yukon and Melanie from USA, Geeta from India, Liz  from Scotland.  We met Liz last  Summer and her cats.  All lovely people.  Geeta was married last  spring to Gordon (from UK) and she  now  lives with him in UK.  I was very happy to meet them both at their home  in Sept 04.

 Kimberly  started a group called Peace & Paradise, here we also discussed  many interesting  themes, and like in MD one  had to accept that others' points of vie and or  beliefs were  to be respected.   Here  I met a whole  family of  Fielders, (From USA) of whom two I got to know  very well, Sarah and Ruth. Here too I had the pleasure in getting to know and befriend Annie from Texas (Ruth's Internet Sister) and Kami.  All these people I have spent HOURS chatting to through  the  magic of Messenger.  Where you can talk to by typing instant messages, or  by  talking out  loud and even SEE them through a WebCam. Kami is another delightful person we have  met, in London.  She and her parents were on a tour of  the  British Isles in Summer 2003, and on one of their days in London we went down to London and showed them around museums.  It was really  lovely  meeting them.

      Another young person I have  come to know , and  love, as though she were  a grand-daughter, is  Rhiannon, who rather appropriately has the same family  name  "Phillips". She is from New Zealand,  another  massive Beatles  fan, though Pet  Shop Boys are more her "thing"  nowadays!   But her love of the  Beatles  and in particular  George  Harrison is still there.   Her ambition is to come to England  and  go to Beatles Haunts.     On her Yahoo group  BEATLESMYSTERYTOUR  you will  find her link to her website,

which is awesome.  As she often  updates her  site, and giving her  link  this way will make sure you  get the  latest version, as she updates that link on the home page. Rhiannon's competent computer  skills helped me set up a number of Yahoo  groups, namely  my personal  "When I Am 64"  "Bruch", and the  "NRPS", giving them interesting  home pages.  The full addresses  and links for these  will be found on page 22.   A  couple  of  members of Rhiannon's Beatles  yahoo  group I now  number in my friends list, Jen from USA, who has a  boy friend  in UK, and they visit  each other  from to time  to time. Jen is  working her way through University. and Stewart from Glasgow, who also has similar political ideals as us.  We almost  met up on our return journey in August 2004, but  just missed them as they were  also returning home!   Maggie  from USA (Seattle)  has become one of my friends through the  Bruch group, but now  is  better known in Mystical dreamland.  About a year ago I came across another Beatles group Admiral Newt Beatles Group  (  This  group is so  busy, even though  the  active membership is only about 30, so busy in fact that I can't keep up.   It was very sad  and devastating when  the  groups founder,  our Admiral  Brian Newt ,  suddenly lost his wife in an illness.  I have  a  number of  new  friends  there, Pru, Susan, Brenda (times 2),  Michelle, Cathi, Robin,  Mari, Terry,  Mike, Moose And Ron.    You will need an invite to join  though.

   There  are many more friends,   I have  tried to mention  most, but please if you feel left out let me know.  It is  not  intentional.   *HUGS*.

   In some ways  I see  a lot of  my friends  as extended family, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and  granddaughters. 

Since I started making new friends  some have become real friends, and some I have  met.  Those who have websites are  linked here.


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